Install Stereo for 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan

Recently I installed a new stereo for my 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan (the OEM one did not have MP3 capability and could not read from USB) and would like to document the steps for sharing. (Standard no-warranty disclaimer applies here — the materials here are meant to be helpful, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.)

First, I bought a standard single-DIN sized after-market stereo.  Three adapters are needed to install this onto my Grand Caravan: 1) Metra 99-6503 Dash Kit; 2) Metra 40-CR10 Antenna Adapter Cable; 3) Metra 70-6502 Radio Wiring Harness.  The 3rd one is a bit tricky because model Metra 70-6522 Radio Wiring Harness for Chrysler 2007 is for Grand Caravan 2008 and later — I bought it then found it was wrong and called Metra to get the correct item number.

Preparation: Sold the item 3), the wiring harness to the one comes with the after-market stereo unit. After soldering, tape and insulate the exposed wires. (One could use wire nuts/end caps for connection instead of soldering and tapering.) The colors are quite straightforward to follow (read the label, read the small letters on the wires or read the instruction that comes with the wiring harness).

Preparation 0a: sold wiring harness

Preparation 0b: insulate wiring harness

Step 1 (optional): Remove the cup holder. Pull the cup holder to expose the tab (I circled it in red in the image below). Press the tab and you can take the cup holder out.

step 1-remove cup holder

Step 2: Ply the plastic cover to expose the screws. (As you can see, I have not done the optional Step 1 yet in the photo.)

step2a-ply plastic bar


step2b-plastic bar removed

Step 3: Remove the inner two screws. — After the plastic cover bar removed, you can see 4 screws as shown in the photo below.

step 3-remove two screws

Step 4: Ply the main cover. From the bottom, ply it to make it loose, then finally remove the whole panel. The design is not bad, so do not be too worried about breaking the hinges.

step 4-ply main cover

Step 5: Unscrew the stereo unit. — After the main panel removed, the four screws that secure the stereo unit are exposed. Mine only had 2 screws from the factory. The one shown below is indeed my new stereo with the Dash Kit. Inside the red rectangle is my single-DIN sized stereo.

step 5-remove stereo

Step 6: Unhook the original wires (it’s a plug) and the antenna (you need to pull really hard). Then hook the wire harness and the antenna adapter (marked in red frames).

Finally, you can put everything back and enjoy!

To stop spammers, I disabled the comments. If you want to thank me, either drop me an email, or better, post on where did you buy the parts and help more people.

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7 Responses to Install Stereo for 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan

  1. Ed says:

    2007 Dodge Caravan

    Cd stuck in CD player. Can’t get it out.
    How to take it apart to get at the CD player.
    Tried tweezers, didn’t catch the CD
    Help !!!!

    • Yves says:

      I had the same problem on a 2007 Caravan SXT. I opened the dash and remove the unit. This will take you about 5 minutes, just pull really hard on the attenna (round cable). With the radio in your hands, take off the front panel so you can take a look inside the CD changer. I my case, there were 2 CD stucked in (I have young children!). I then remove tree screws (special Trox pattern) to free up the CD unit from the radio chassis. It was then easy to remove the CD’s but it had broken the changer. Somehow, the CD can be inserted but the action won’t launch the unit (it doesn’t close on the CD nor activate the spinning). So I just put it back all together and may decide to install an aftermarket later on.

  2. OmegaSharp says:

    Normally it’s very difficult.
    Sometimes it’s because the battery is a bit low. In this case you may hear some sounds indicating the player is trying hard to eject it. People may have luck to power it using an external 12V (or maybe 14V+) power supply and eject the CD.
    Another quick way is to connect the car battery to an external charger and try it again, but an external (adjustable) power gives you more options.
    Good luck on this!

  3. E K says:

    Thanks, just went through this myself! One question… did you attach the ground wires anywhere? If so, where? Thanks!

  4. Christopher P. says:

    Thank you for posting this tutorial. Thank you especially for listing the parts you used.

    I purchased the parts through the links you provided and everything fit perfectly in my 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan.

  5. April says:

    Just wondering if you need codes to program stereo??

  6. Wes says:

    I have an 07. I swapped out the head unit to a newer one with Bluetooth. Everything works now, but I get no audio. All of my connections are good. Triple checked that all the wiring is correct. Any ideas??

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